OPZV Battery

The best choice under extremely harsh environment. The battery has a long design life. resist frequent impact, excellent discharge performance, and less maintenance, etc. It is suitable for harsh environment, like outdoor high temperature, frequent power outages, strong impact discharge, power grid volatility etc, and applied in energy storage system with complex electric environment too, can provide longest service life security of battery to the users.

Small VRLA Battery

Small Batteries, mainly used in security and electronics, stable and reliable performance, suitable application in many areas of power equipment or backup power supply equipment, etc.

VRLA Battery

Mainly used in UPS system, emergency power and security system applications. Using thick plate and high corrosion resistance grid alloy, matching with high-impact AGM separator, the battery maintains high consistency for better performance and reliable standby service life.

Deep Cycle Gel Battery

By combining the newly developed nanometer gel electrolyte, high tin content cathode plate and AGM separator, JDG series battery enjoys excellent discharging performance, long cycle life and stable performance at high and low temperature surrounding. JDG series  is suited for all kinds of ranges for the energy storage, especially for renewable solar energy systems etc.


Vehicle Battery

With several research from experts & active quaternion development, supported by new material and properly proportioned of alloy, creates good quality of DZF batteries. DZF batteries are not easy to deform & bulge, improves stability, has longer lifes & discharge more efficiently & charge more fully.